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JDR Principal Message

Message from Our Managing Principal: Our Commitment to Educational Excellence

In mid-March, I found myself wondering what many of us wonder in State College at that time of the year – where is spring?  This time I decided not to dwell on the reality of our March weather but decided, instead, to take a walk down Reese Engineering’s memory lane.  And considering this is our 20th year, I thought it was a perfect time to open the “20 year time capsule”.  In reality, there is no time capsule, just the notes that Michael Lee and I jotted down when we first decided to take the plunge and open the doors.  Many... Read More

Wi-Fi It? Upgrading Your Wireless Network

For many of our clients, the demand for fast and reliable Wi-Fi networks continues to grow. The move to high-speed, high-capacity Wi-Fi networking equipment has allowed wireless networks to transition from being a supplemental network to becoming the primary means by which we connect to any network, whether at home, work, or in public spaces. In addition, up and coming wireless standards are recommending very fast network speeds, which will only increase this demand even more. We are seeing staff, visitors, and other network users increasingly adopting mobile devices that rely solely on Wi-Fi for connectivity to the Internet and... Read More

Cracking the Code

The loss of human lives and the loss of property have driven the need for building codes and standards. Most people are well aware of this fact and would agree that these codes and standards are necessary to protect the public welfare. In simple terms, buildings must be safe to use and occupy; this includes being structurally sound, being constructed of the proper materials, having adequate means of egress in the event of an emergency, providing the proper heating, cooling and/or ventilation – just to name a few considerations. Codes and standards address all of these issues. Unfortunately, deciphering exactly... Read More

Microclimate – Bringing Biophilia to Child Care: The Child Care Center at Hort Woods

[The following is an excerpt from Volume 23 of The ReeSource, which was published in August of 2012. This volume was a special issue which focused on the innovative design features of the Child Care Center at Hort Woods – the first Penn State University building ever awarded a LEED Platinum Certification. An online version of this project feature is still viewable on the Penn State University Sustainability Institute’s website at] From the beginning of the first design charettes, the Hort Woods were always viewed as central to the Child Care Center, as their use for outdoor play and... Read More