The Competition for Supply & Demand Reduction

In Volume 11 of The ReeSource, I discussed changes that were occurring in the energy industry as a result of deregulation. At that time, electric utilities were in a period of transition from the traditional arrangement where they were each the only supplier of electricity to customers within their specific geographic regions to one where they would have to compete with other utility companies. The transition period has now passed, and open competition for the supply of electricity is a reality. Meanwhile, the growing interest in energy efficiency his driven the passage of new laws in a number of states... Read More

Go With the Flow! (Part 2)

In our last newsletter, we discussed some opportunities and pitfalls surrounding the movement toward low-flow shower head use. In addition to these considerations, another regularly overlooked component of the showering experience is the effect that the shower compartment design has on the bather. Even though it may not often be recognized, the heat trapped within the shower compartment has a significant impact on how we feel while we shower. The door or curtain traps steam and keeps it close to our skin so that we stay warm, even if the water is not in direct contact with our skin. Since... Read More

The Wireless the Better

In the seniors and long-term care (LTC) housing markets, emergency call systems (sometimes referred to as call bell systems) have become increasingly complex. More specifically, wireless emergency call systems have changed the notion of what a call bell system can do and have quickly developed into “community management” tools. This article outlines the top four reasons to utilize one of these wireless systems at your community. Note that many states accept wireless emergency call systems but may have specific regulations regarding their use. Please check your local and state regulations before making any decisions. “In the LTC housing market, we... Read More

Go With the Flow! (Part 1)

In today’s increasingly ‘green’ world it is enticing to jump on the sustainability bandwagon, especially when there is a personal benefit that complements the greater global initiative. Low-flow shower heads are one opportunity for the Owner that wants to be environmentally conscious, reduce energy consumption, and lower utility costs. Low-flow shower heads can be found with listings from 1.0 to 2.0 gallons per minute (gpm). When compared to a conventional shower head, which typically flows at a rate of 2.5 gpm, the savings can be significant. In addition to reducing water consumption by 20 to 60%, the amount of energy... Read More