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Message from Our Managing Principal: Our Commitment to Educational Excellence

In mid-March, I found myself wondering what many of us wonder in State College at that time of the year – where is spring?  This time I decided not to dwell on the reality of our March weather but decided, instead, to take a walk down Reese Engineering’s memory lane.  And considering this is our 20th year, I thought it was a perfect time to open the “20 year time capsule”.  In reality, there is no time capsule, just the notes that Michael Lee and I jotted down when we first decided to take the plunge and open the doors.  Many of the notes were scribbled down during a car ride from Denver, CO to Estes Park in August of 1995.

The first page of notes included our budget: pens – $20, number 2 pencils – $10, paper – $10, etc.  Budgeting was easier back then and times certainly have changed.  But what has not changed are the words on the second page of notes –


From the day that Reese Engineering was founded, a deep commitment to education has been a cornerstone of our value system.  To us, this meant establishing minimum continuing education standards for the Reese Engineering team.  We provided the tools to meet these standards, including extensive internal education classes, in addition to web-based education and remote educational opportunities.  We believed in the importance of education, but underestimated the energy that this program would create within our office.  What we quickly learned was that the committed, hardworking, team oriented people we looked to hire in fact thrived on educational opportunities.

Reese Engineering set a goal to develop and facilitate an industry-leading education program not only for our team, but for our clients as well.  We feel that the professional development of our clients is just as paramount to our success as the education of our own team.

Over the past ten years, we have enjoyed passing our technical knowledge along to our clients via The ReeSource, an education-based newsletter providing articles on current topics impacting our clients and the AEC industry.  Reese Engineering is now proud to present the brand new ‘Articles’ page of our recently updated website –  All prior issues of The ReeSource are now accessible via our ‘Articles’ website page.  New features include the capability to view articles by subject or ‘Tag’, as well as the ability to search all articles by keyword.  The articles are also categorized by month and year.  Further, we are now able to easily share these articles with our clients via social media.  Links to new article postings will be shared on our LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+ pages.

We are officially retiring The ReeSource name, but not our continued commitment to sharing our knowledge.  We are confident that our new streamlined, blog-style ‘Articles’ webpage will more efficiently and effectively disseminate topics of interest to our clients.

– John D. Reese, PE, LEED AP

John is a Licensed Professional Engineer, a LEED Accredited Professional, and Managing Principal of Reese Engineering, Inc.

[Photograph by Pat Little]