Bobbie A. Dash

Formerly a middle school teacher, now a caterer and local foods advocate, Bobbie Dash has been in charge of the Reese Hackman kitchen since 2007.

“I am lucky to work at an office where people are so willing to try new things!  I can be creative with my cooking without having to worry about picky eaters.”

Get To Know

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Shops at:
Local farms and markets, which is a challenge in the Pennsylvania winter.

My dog:
Ruby, an independent red lab who likes to keep me vying for her attention.

When not at work, I’m:
Bicycling, gardening, or reading.

When I travel, I pack:
A journal.  In Italy, I wrote about my favorite meals, wines, and restaurants.

Work win:
Tempted Reese Hackman employees to try new foods, such as quinoa and curry chicken soup.


Institute of Integrative Nutrition, 2007

Bachelor of Secondary Education/English, Lock Haven University, 1993

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