Brian D. Walker, PE, LEED AP

Brian has worked in consulting engineering since 1998.  He is currently in charge of designing heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) and plumbing systems.  Brian’s experience includes both new construction and renovation projects for municipal facilities, retirement communities, university facilities, and fitness/wellness centers.

“I look forward to every project, because they all have their unique challenges.”

Get To Know

Pleasant Gap, Pennsylvania

First job:
Summer landscaping, lawn care, and farm work.

Favorite gadget:
My phone.  I’m always checking the time or the weather, listening to radio programs or music, taking pictures, researching something on the internet.

When not working, I’m:
Spending time with my wife and daughter.

Staying busy:
My family enjoys volunteering with local community groups.  Also, I grew up in a small family business, and I’m always trying to help out when I can.

Most recent adventure:
Disney World for 10 days with our 5-year-old “Princess”.  She loved it!


Bachelor of Architectural Engineering, Penn State University, 1998