Gary J. Rini, CCCA, LEED AP

Gary Rini has been overseeing construction of Reese Hackman-designed government, commercial, education and senior-living projects since 2004.

Get To Know

When I’m not at work, I’m probably:
At Rini Run, our one-acre family “glamping” site, which is bordered by beautiful waterfalls and surrounded by over 2500 acres of conserved forest land with hiking trails throughout.

My workout:
Hiking, moving rocks, cutting down trees, toting materials up the mountain and building structures at Rini Run, which was undeveloped when we purchased it.

Favorite gadget:
A professional-quality Crestron video processer bought used on eBay for $159. It plays a key role in our back-yard Guys Night Out fundraising events as well as our annual Halloween extravaganzas.

Speaking of Halloween:
What started out as a display in our front yard has grown into a multimedia, themed Halloween spectacular that encompasses the entire block, includes a cast of 20 to 30 actors, and draws thousands of trick-or-treaters to our street annually.

My dogs:
Two sweet-tempered rescues – a golden retriever/shepherd mix named Mila, and Bernese Mountain Dog/spaniel mix named Jim Bailey, both found by my wife, Bridget.

A good thing about my job:
Reese Hackman has always given me the tools I need to do my job well, and the flexibility to balance my work life with my family life


Bachelor of Architectural Engineering, Penn State University, 1988