Jack Barnes

Electrical designer Jack Barnes, who joined Reese Hackman in 2021, designs power and lighting for senior living communities and other projects.

Get To Know

Favorite food:
Peanut butter. Any other food is just a vehicle for peanut butter.

If I’m not working, I’m:
Wrenching on cars, fishing, building fishing rods, looking for arrowheads, skate- or snowboarding. I have a lot of hobbies.

Proud owner of:
A big-turbo VW GTI daily driver, and a big-turbo 2009 BMW 335i, which I will show off at the office as soon as it’s road ready.

Why I modify cars:
I enjoy the troubleshooting process, which takes a lot of methodical persistence. When you’re done, the reward is an improved and awesome toy.

My pet:
A tuxedo cat I’ve had since I was 10, Jakerz.

Something my grandpa taught me:
The fun of arrowhead hunting. He has a collection, and I’ve just started my own.

What I love about my job:
The unique and collegial environment where the principals care about the employees.


Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Penn State University, 2020

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