John P. Dixon, LEED AP

John’s earliest memories were formed working with his father, a brick mason, carrying bricks one-by-one. It was in these early years that John first developed a love for construction.  In high school, he helped his father build spec homes after school, and this inspired John to pursue a career in the construction field.  Prior to joining the team at Reese Hackman in 2014, John worked for a large general contractor as well as a private developer.

Get To Know

Meadville, Pennsylvania

When not working, I’m:
Golfing, playing basketball, gardening with my wife, or working on my house.

My dog:
An active 2-year-old Brittany named Maggie, who confuses my running shoes for dog toys.

Recent accomplishments:
Building raised beds for a home garden and remodeling the back living room of my house.

Fun fact:
I have a twin sister.

What I love about my job:
Having the opportunity to see the hard work of countless individuals and companies come together in a finished product.


Bachelor and Master of Architectural Engineering, Penn State University, 2007