Michael J. VanDyke

BIM detailer Mike Van Dyke, who joined the team in 2016, works on the full gamut of Reese Hackman projects.

Get To Know

Hawk Run, Pennsylvania

My ride:
A Dodge Ram truck big enough to do the hauling for home remodeling projects and to tow our 24-foot travel trailer.

Favorite camping destination:
Anywhere the family wants to go.

Point of pride 1:
My son, Dylan, who bought his first house, then phoned me and said, “Dad, you know how to lay hardwood flooring, right?”

Point of pride 2:
My daughter, Paige, who earned a six-year degree in four years and maintained a 4.0 average.

On the home front:
With my father-in-law, Randy, remodeled our 2500 square-foot house in Hawks Run. The best part was seeing it all come together.

My kitchen:
A place I rarely enter. My wife, Jo, is the best cook I know. I can’t even use our stove.


Associate Degree in Specialized Technology, Penn State University, 1998

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