Tanner McCall, PE

Mechanical engineer Tanner McCall does HVAC design and calculations for senior living and other Reese Hackman projects.

Get To Know

Good times with my family:
Fishing in the pond and enjoying a big Sunday meal with 30-some family members at a log cottage built by my great grandfather near my hometown of New Germany, Pennsylvania.

What we eat:
Not fish, we throw those back. In summer there’s corn on the cob packed in a pillowcase then boiled in a huge pot over an open fire.

My pets:
Seven hens whose eggs we either eat or give away to lucky friends.

Let me tell you about my basement:
My wife, Kara, and I are transforming what was a dusty cellar into a playroom for our three kids, Jaxon, Palmer and Hank.

Vacation destinations:
North Carolina’s Outer Banks for the beach and Gatlinburg, Tennessee, for the mountains.

Something I like about my job:
Seeing final photos for a project like Aldersgate in Charlotte, North Carolina, that I’ve been working on since it was only a concept.


Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Penn State University, 2018

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