Warwick Middle School


The new 7th and 8th grade school was constructed around the existing middle school’s gymnasium, with additions totalling 150,384 square feet and renovations totalling 21,628 square feet. The 7th grade is located on the first floor of the new school, 8th grade is located on the second, and classrooms are arranged into 3 “pods” per grade. These pods are paired to share bathrooms, a common instruction area, and science lab storage, and there is a common use corridor where student lockers are located, away from the teaching areas. A fourth pod on each floor is dedicated to special classes, such as art, music, and technology. Students attended school through both construction of the new building and demolition of the former middle school. The additions and renovations to Warwick Middle School totaled $32.7 million. Electrical, lighting, and special systems design services were provided by Reese Hackman.

Photography by Larry Lefever

Project Size

172,012 SF

Construction Cost


Services Provided

Electrical, Technology, Lighting