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Who We Are

Reese Hackman (RH) is an engineering and consulting firm specializing in the design of electrical, lighting, mechanical, plumbing, low voltage, and telecommunications systems to enhance architecture. Whether it’s creating a space to teach and learn, designing systems to improve the lives of seniors, or building a place for athletics or recreation, our goal is to “create environments for the benefit of people”.

This mission holds true through our team of experts that use innovation and technical excellence to design solutions that provide our clients with well-integrated, cost effective, and energy sensitive system designs for buildings. In tandem with this mission is our belief that our own learning should be ongoing and that sharing our knowledge is a vital way of making our industry stronger.

Using these principles, we are building partnerships with architects, fellow team members and owners. It is with gratitude that we strengthen these relationships and celebrate the achievements of our clients.

Our History

Founded in Denver, CO in 1995, Reese Engineering moved its main office to State College, PA in 2001. After nearly 25 years in business, Reese Engineering changed its name to Reese Hackman (RH) in 2019 to recognize co-owner Jim Hackman’s 22-year history with the company and acknowledge his many contributions to the firm via his design expertise and ownership vision. Our current headquarter office off Science Park Road in State College, PA (pictured above) was constructed in 2006.

At a Glance

Changed name to Reese Hackman
Constructed New Headquarters
Moved main office to State College, PA
Founded in Denver, CO