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Our Culture

Since RH was founded in 1995, our staff has shared a passion for the design of building systems for all facilities that create our daily living environments. It is our sensitivity to the needs of the occupant, which allows us to create environments for the benefit of people. RH’s strongest asset is our commitment to this philosophy.

Accordingly, we rely on nothing less than the highest quality professionals, whose integrity and commitment to their craft serves to enhance the attitude of excellence that RH represents.

Office Environment

RH believes that the first step to sparking the creativity of our employees is a stimulating work environment. To this end, RH constructed an 11,000 square foot office facility for our State College employees. The one-story facility, which incorporates abundant daylighting, features three open studios with soaring ceilings and glass walls that face the site’s secluded 6-acre wooded campus. At the building’s center is our bistro, which is a casual gathering place, much like the kitchen in one’s home, for employees, visitors, and social functions. In the bistro, staff can grab a cappuccino in the morning, eat lunch, or stop by for a late afternoon snack. As healthy eating habits are strongly encouraged at RH, fresh fruits and other healthy snack options such as yogurt and granola bars are available to employees free-of-charge. In addition, a well-balanced lunch is prepared for staff by an in-house chef Monday through Thursday of every week.

Wellness Program & Fitness Center

RH believes that maintaining a sound body and mind through exercise makes for a happier and more productive employee. Consequently, our State College office features an on-site health center for employees and their families. The fitness center is available for use any time of the day and night, weekdays and weekends.

Team Building

It is RH’s philosophy that in order to build a good team, you have to have fun together. Our social event planner makes sure that we not only have fun in the office, but out of the office as well. Activities in the office include monthly birthday celebrations, potlucks, and family movie nights. Out of office activities include summer picnics, holiday parties, and all-day ski trips and river rafting trips. These activities allow us to have fun together on a personal level in order to be a better team together on a professional level. The team that plays together stays together!

Professional Development

RH believes that well-rounded individuals are the happiest and most productive members of our team. Continuous knowledge adds variety into the workplace, keeping us interested in our work and emphasizing quality. Continuing education has therefore been one of RH’s primary areas of focus since our founding, at which time we set a goal to develop and facilitate an industry-leading education program. In this spirit, we have developed a program called RH University, a way for both our valued clients and our staff to fortify their minds and lives with the latest knowledge in areas that are important to all of us.


RH whole-heartedly promotes community service opportunities – enriching lives today and building a brighter future for tomorrow. Since compassionate service is both rewarding and critical to personal growth, our employees are given paid time out of the office to volunteer with charities of their choice.

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