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Aligning Our Social Media with Our Mission

The Reese Hackman team is excited to share our new website. The vision for our website evolved over the past two years from a traditional website that focused on typical “marketing data” such as project size, construction value, and services rendered to a website with a focus on celebrating the achievements of our clients.

Like many websites, ours became a place to promote our work because that seemed to be the “thing to do”. Over the years, our project portfolio grew, as did the physical sizes and construction costs of our projects. But something was missing. The website followed the industry marketing norms but didn’t align with our vision and our mission statement.

Founded in 1995 as Reese Engineering, we established two fundamental missions that have remained central to our personal and business decisions over the next 28 years. First, “we create environments for the benefit of people” is a philosophy that carries through each project design decision. Second, we believe in enlightenment and the power of teaching and learning. These principles guide us when we select members of the Reese Hackman team and as we build relationships we enjoy with architects, fellow team members and owners.

Considering our desire to align our website with our guiding principles, we made a choice to feature meaningful stories and insights while pushing the traditional website “data” to a secondary role. We hope you enjoy our new website and our focus on the celebration of our clients’ successes and our passion for learning and teaching.

-John D. Reese, PE, LEED AP

John is a Licensed Professional Engineer, a LEED Accredited Professional, and Managing Partner of Reese Hackman.